Ecomodernism: An Environmental Movement Unites Politically Divided Moms

Amy Porterfield Levy and Julie Kelly, otherwise known as "the ecomodernist moms" join forces to write about the ecomodernist manifesto for Huffington Post.

Could Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina find agreement on one of the most contentious issues dividing America's two political parties today -- climate change? Is it possible they could move past the debate about who or what causes climate change and focus on how modern technology can protect the environment and improve the lives of millions around the globe?

Probably wishful thinking. But for millions of women who are not running for president, perhaps there's a chance we can bridge the wide gulf between the two sides. That's the promise of a nascent environmental movement called "Ecomodernism." And since it united the two of us - stay-at-home moms with different political leanings who nonetheless want a better world not just for our own children, but children around the world - we think ecomodernism could finally represent needed consensus.

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