The Next Generation of Environmentalists

A Response from Evan Twarog, a senior at Keene High School, New Hampshire

More than anything else, thank you for doing truly great work. I’ve had a chance to follow the work that the Breakthrough Institute has done in regards to ecomodernism, and I think that ecomodernism strikes a chord with many people of my generation. My generation is more aware of the injustices of our world than any generation before us, as made apparent by social protests and campaigns that we’ve seen in the past several years. We want to make a difference. We want to end poverty. We want to end climate change. We want to ensure that every person on the planet has opportunities to create the future of their dreams. Perhaps because of this, ecomodernism represents a line of thinking that embraces all of these components. The quote from the manifesto explaining that “We value the liberal principles of democracy, tolerance, and pluralism in themselves, even as we affirm them as keys to achieving a great Anthropocene” unites thinkers across the political spectrum. Environmentalism doesn’t have to be a policy only for liberals. Economic growth doesn’t have to be a policy only for conservatives. By uniting thinkers, ecomodernism will bring about the change that my generation wants to see.

You can find more of Evan's writings at his website.