Meet Ecomodernism – The New Face of 21st Century Environmentalism

A Response from Steve Hayward, contributor at Powerline blog and Ronald Reagan Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Public Policy

"This is an environmentalism that is hopeful, confident, pro-human, and pro-technology.  It is more open-ended about the future, skeptical of Malthusian doomsday claims and attitudes, and scornful of the dogmatism that hobbles the “mainstream” environmental establishment today. It is also realistic about the energy needs of the developing world, and not buying the energy romanticism of the climate campaign that the world’s energy needs can be met with sunbeams, wishful thinking, and unicorn flop sweat.  (Hence the embrace of nuclear power.)


Having watching this effort unfold over the last few years, I can report first hand that the environmental establishment — the Sierra Club in particular, but also other organizations I can name — have reacted viscerally against the early expressions of ecomodernism, chiefly on account of their intellectual and organizational corruption."

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